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Ways to Stop Your Dog from Peeing Inside the House

Punishment is not the answer to solving pet accidents indoors. A little preventative work can go a long way in making sure your dog doesn’t go peeing inside the house.

We all love our pets, and most of us keep even our larger dogs indoors. However, it takes a lot of time to make sure they are housebroken and that they have plenty of activity. It is often a fact that we simply have to deal with pet accidents. If you don’t handle it the proper way, you could end up sending your dog mixed messages. 

Begin Housebreaking ASAP

When you first bring your dog home, use puppy pads to help keep accidents from becoming a repeated issue. You should also consider pet-proofing your home to avoid accidents indoors. Once your dog has had all his initial vaccinations – particularly the one to protect him against Parvovirus – you should begin housebreaking. 

Since your dog has become used to puppy pads for restroom purposes, utilize them to help with housebreaking. Begin moving the puppy pad incrementally toward the door where you take him out. Eventually, he will learn to go to the door to signal to you that he needs to go out to relieve himself. 

Take Your Dog Out Frequently

Take your dog out to relieve himself at least four times a day. Take him the moment you get up in the morning, after he eats, and before bedtime. 

For puppies, you may need to take them out more often to help them remember that they need to go outdoors for potty purposes. As they grow older, they’ll know to go to the door to signal a need to go out.

Don’t Leave Your Dogs Home Alone for Hours with No Relief

Sometimes dogs will pee indoors as a response to separation anxiety. While you’re not expected to never ever leave home, you can do things to help your dogs with their anxiety. 

Crating your dog while you’re away is a typical recommendation. The snug interior of a crate helps your dog to actually feel safer. Place a few favourite toys in the crate as well as access to water. 

When you come home, greet your dog with happiness and take him out for a potty break immediately. He will eventually learn that you will return to him, thus lessening the pet accidents.

You might also employ a dog walking service if you will be away for an extended period or for several days at a time.  

Additionally, you’ll find chemicals you can use to prevent your dog from peeing indoors. But, if you’ll apply these natural methods first, you likely won’t need to resort to using chemicals to prevent pet accidents.

Keeping your dog from peeing inside the house is relatively easy if you’ll just put a little effort into his housebreaking. Furthermore, take him out frequently to help prevent accidents. Finally, if you work away from home, hire a pet walking service to help with this issue.

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