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Spring Cleaning: A Step by Step Guide

Spring cleaning is a way to clean out the old things to make room for the new things. It is a way to declutter our homes from the old winter things that represent colder times. During the winter months, we keep our homes closed up tight and heated to combat the elements of the cold season. It’s during these times when dust and grime accumulate throughout the home. When spring finally arrives, it is a time for us to open up and release the energy of winter to embrace the springtime energy.

Analyze the wardrobe

Spring cleaning is the time to analyze what you have and what you need. It is also a time to analyze the things that you can do without. This starts with your wardrobe. If you have a closet that is overcrowded, it is best to start with the items that you can do without and remove them. Once you’ve identified those areas, it is time to move on to the items that do not represent spring. Sweaters and scarves should be placed away and spring clothing should be brought to the forefront.

Cleaning the cupboards

This is a great time to clean the cupboards. With a dish of warm soapy water, you can use a cloth to thoroughly wipe down the inside of your cupboards. Start by removing all of the items in your cupboards and begin wiping everything down shelf by shelf. Throw away expired items and rearrange items that have not expired so they are visible and easily accessible.

Sweep and mop

Our floors are a breeding ground for dust and debris. Start by sweeping the floors thoroughly remembering to reach underneath the cabinets to pull out any excess dirt or debris and remove it. After you’ve thoroughly swept your kitchen, then it’s time to mop. After you’ve mopped, it may be beneficial to vacuum the carpeted areas of your home. This helps to reduce the allergens and pollutants in the home and increases the breathing quality.

Clean or replace other textiles

Textiles are another breeding ground for allergens and pollutants. To improve the air quality of your home, it is best to clean or replace these items. If you have someone in your home who has severe allergies, this can help to improve the air quality and reduce the likelihood of them having a reaction.

Clean any furniture coverings

If you have sofas or chairs that have been covered all winter, it is time to change those coverings and replace them with new coverings. If you’re not in a position to replace them, it is a great idea to clean them. This helps to reduce the allergens and pollutants that can affect the air quality of your home.

Clean the refrigerator

This is a great time to clean the refrigerator and remove any expired items. If there are any produce items that have been left in the refrigerator for an extended period of time, this is an excellent time to remove those items and throw them away. Giving the inside of the refrigerator a thorough wiping is also a great idea.

Organize your makeup

Analyzing your makeup drawer is a great way to figure out the things that have expired and determine new makeup items that you need. It is also a great time to clean your makeup brushes or replace them. Makeup brushes can accumulate debris and germs over time. It is important that you apply a fresh face with fresh new brushes.

Declutter the clutter drawers

Every home has a junk drawer. Whether it’s a pair of scissors, an old book of matches or random sheets of paper that you feel you no longer need, each home has this drawer. Springtime is the best time to take everything that you don’t need and throw it away. If you have organization trays that can be placed in the drawer, this is a wonderful way to organize the items that are left behind.

Clean the windows

Since your house has been closed up for months during the winter season, it is important to remove the dust from every area possible. This includes the windows. Giving the windows a good cleaning helps to remove dust and debris that stick to the window panes and can reduce your air quality. Cleaning the windows with a solution helps to remove stains from the window and allows the sun to shine in much brighter.

Clean the ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a wonderful way to circulate the air of the room and keep the room nice and cool. It is also the perfect way to circulate additional allergens and pollutants in the air. Cleaning the blades of your ceiling fan helps to reduce the likelihood of incorporating more pollutants into your home’s air quality.


Spring cleaning is not the favourite topic for many. Some may be motivated to do it every year like clockwork. Others may not feel so inclined. While it may not be a popular choice, it is definitely necessary for a beautiful living space. Not only is this a great time to spring clean your home, but you may also want to consider cleaning people out of your life during this time. Any type of cleaning is essential for well-being growth.

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