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Coca-Cola: From Tasty Beverage to Cleaning Agent

As strange as it may sound, there are edible products that can be used as a cleaning agent. It makes you scratch your head because these are edible products that many of us consume on a daily basis. Nonetheless, these products are capable of filling our stomachs and cleaning our homes. The All-American classic carbonated soda, Coca-Cola, serves several different functions. It is an excellent beverage when paired with a hot dog and a bag of chips. It is also the perfect cleaning agent for removing acid from a car battery or cleaning the toilets. Either way this super flexible and highly mysterious beverage has been around for centuries and continues to be a staple in many American homes.

It removes stains

Combining Coca-Cola with your laundry detergent helps to remove stains such as grease, blood or marker stains. Apparently the phosphoric acid in this beverage is highly effective at cutting grease and removing tough dirt and grime that you’d ordinarily have to tackle with other cleaning agents. You can apply it directly into your wash load or use it as a stain treatment to remove those unwanted stains. Allowing it to soak for 30 minutes will ensure your clothes come out squeaky clean.

Good for burnt foods

Did you know that Coca-Cola is not only a good beverage to eat with your food but it is excellent for removing burnt food from your pots and pans? Ordinarily, you’d have to struggle and apply extra elbow grease to remove caked-on food at the bottom of your cooking utensils. By pouring Coca-Cola into your pots and pans and allowing it to soak for several hours, it loosens up food particles and allows you to scrape them off much easier.

It is a degreaser

Everyone has that one pan that never seems to get clean. No matter how hard you try or what cleaning solution you use, that one pan always feels greasy and grimy. Well, your problems are over. That last ounce of Coca-Cola can be used to degrease the pan and leave it squeaky-clean. By pouring Coca-Cola into the pan and allowing it to simmer over low heat for 30 minutes, you have successfully decreased your greasy pan. Follow by washing the pan with warm soap and water and you’re done.

Removes corrosion from batteries

Have you ever had a problem with your battery and it’s not properly connecting to the cables? That doesn’t mean you have to replace your battery. Often, corrosion settles around the receptors on the battery that inhibit them from receiving the charge from the alternator. Did you know that Coca-Cola can fix that problem? By pouring Coca-Cola on the areas that are affected by corrosion, you can watch the corrosion disappear before your very eyes. You may need to use a device to scrape the remaining corrosion, but rest assured Coca-Cola will take care of the problem.

It gets rid of skunk odour

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with a skunk, this message is for you. No longer do you have to saturate yourself in tomato juice, now you can use Coca-Cola. You can pour four 2 litre bottles of Coke into a bucket and sponge yourself down in the shower. Rinse yourself off and you’re ready to go. For more thorough cleaning, you could fill the bathtub with Coke and soak in it to ensure the skunky odour is gone.

Good for cleaning the toilets

Who knew that Coca-Cola would be an effective cleaning agent for the toilet? By pouring Coca-Cola inside of the toilet bowl, you’re able to remove hard to remove stains from your toilet bowl. You can either pour it directly on the stains or use a spray bottle as a light mist and allow it to sit for several hours to increase its effectiveness. Use a regular toilet brush to remove the stains and voila, you have a clean fresh toilet.

Makes coins nice and shiny.

If you have a concern about the condition of your pocket change, you can use a can of Coke to make them nice and shiny. By soaking the coins in a cup full of Coca-Cola, you can remove the rust and stains from your coins. Not only is it good for removing tarnish from your coins, but it can also restore the lustre for any jewellery pieces.


Apparently there are several ways to use Coca-Cola as a cleaning agent. Some people may prefer to use Coca-Cola to clean their household items as opposed to the traditional chemical-filled cleaning agents. The name Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brands in the world. It is recognized for bringing people joy and quenching their thirst. Now it can be recognized as an effective cleaning agent for household items.

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