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6 Unexpected Uses of Peanut Butter

We know that peanut butter is a delightfully tasteful treat, but did you know that it had other common uses? Growing up as a child, the favorite go-to snack was the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It is delicious with a glass of milk or lemonade. After a hard day at school, a great way to unwind is with a good old PB&J sandwich. This snack has been a staple in many homes. Who knew the natural oils from the peanuts could be so beneficial in so many other ways?

1. You can shave with it.

If you’re in a pinch and short on shaving cream, did you know you could use peanut butter to shave with? There are a lot of natural oils in the peanut that helps to moisturize the skin while you shave. Peanut butter is rich in vitamin D and other folic acids and is great for the skin. The thickness and richness of the peanut butter create an emollient feel that could be beneficial to use when you’re saving. Simply smooth it on and begin shaving. Before you know it you’ll have soft supple hairless skin.

2. It can be used as leather

Peanut butter can be used to clean leather sofas, shoes, and purses. Because of the natural oils that are contained in peanut butter, it is great for leather products. Applying it to a clean dry cloth and rubbing it in circular motions on your leather item, you’re able to create a leather cleaner that is natural and works perfectly fine for your delicate items. If you like the smell of peanut butter in your clothes and shoes, this may be the perfect solution to keep your leather items soft and supple and from cracking.

3. You can use it to trick the kids

If you’ve ever had challenges with your children taking their medicine, peanut butter is an excellent way to disguise pills. This is a great way to trick the kids into taking their medicines. As a parent, you’ve probably had many sleepless nights trying to figure a way to get your children to take their medicine. Disguising your children’s pills inside of a ball of peanut butter may be the answer to your prayers. Not only does it hide the appearance of the pills, but it is also great at hiding the taste of them as well.

4. It removes gum

Have your children ever gone to sleep with gum in their mouth and woke up to a tangled and matted head full of hair? Believe it or not, this issue is all too common among children and parents. The best way to remove gum from tangled hair is to pile a dollop of peanut butter on and begin combing it out slowly. Not only is it a great way to remove gum from hair, but it is also an excellent way to remove gum from your carpet. By the way, if your child ever gets created and wants to know if gum actually sticks to dogs, try peanut butter.

5. It removes permanent glue

If you’ve ever worked with super glue or any other strong adhesive, you know how easy it is to accidentally glue your fingers together. Not only is this annoying, but it can also be quite dangerous if you try to remove the permanent glue with harsh and hazardous chemicals. By using a dollop of peanut butter, you can apply it directly to the affected area and allow those essential oils to sink in and do their job. If the case is really severe, you may need to use an entire jar. Eventually, the glue will come undone.

6. Remove bugs from the windshield

After driving all day you may notice a family of insects has accumulated on your windshield. Not only have they accumulated but they are dead. Driving around all day in the hot sun has only baked them further into your windshield. So, how do you handle this problem? Do you take your car to a car wash or do you wait for the next significant rain to pass through? The short answer, peanut butter. Simply rub it on the windshield, allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off with the hose. Your windshields are now squeaky clean.


Peanut butter is a tasty tradition many kids have enjoyed throughout their childhood. There was nothing like a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich to enhance the day’s activities. As children, we got creative and incorporated peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwiches. The childhood tradition of peanut butter is now being used as a common household item. Even though it is still a delicious treat, it’s nice to know there are alternatives for common issues.

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