In the House Repairing Tricks

15 Extremely Easy Home Repair Tricks

Not all home repairs require a professional. A few basic items from your kitchen cupboards can do the trick. The next time you have a problem in your home, you can use a few easy home repair tricks that can save you money.

1. Removing a broken light bulb

It’s not a hard task, but if the light bulb becomes broken in the socket, it can become frustrating. By cutting a potato in half, you can use it to remove a broken lightbulb from the socket. Make sure you wear protective gloves and the light switch is off before you try this trick.

2. Using cooking spray for door hinges

If you’re tired of the squeaking door hinges, a simple can of cooking spray can solve all of your problems. Simply spray the cooking oil on the squeaking door hinge and you have successfully solved the problem. Wipe away any excess oil and the noise should be gone.

3. Covering up ceiling stains

After you’ve repaired the source of the problem, ceiling stains still remain. Using a can of Kilz will blend into the ceiling and cover up any ceiling stains. Make sure you cover the surrounding area to protect it from any paint and you’re all set.

4. Fixing a loose cabinet knob

If you have that one cabinet knob that you constantly have to tighten. Every time you screw it in, it keeps coming loose. Using clear nail polish around the perimeter of the screw will help to hold the screw in place and avoid you having to re-screw it in again.

5. Fixing the seam in the wallpaper

If there’s an annoying seam in the wallpaper that constantly draws your eye to the problem, you can hold a warm damp rag over the area for two minutes. Carefully open the gap and apply seam sealer and reattach the wallpaper. Clean off any excess and your wallpaper is brand new.

6. Fixing scratched cabinetry

If you have shallow scratches in your wood, you’re able to use a touch-up marker to fill in the small scratches. Simply follow the shallow scratches on the cabinet with a touch-up marker and wipe off any excess. The shallow scratches should blend into the grain of the wood perfectly.

7. Using Kool-Aid to spot a toilet leak

Using a pack of dark-coloured Kool-Aid, pour it into the toilet tank and wait for 30 minutes. When you return, if the water in the toilet bowl is the same colour as the water in the tank, this is an indication that you have a toilet leak. Make sure you don’t flush the toilet during this time.

8. Using crayons to fill in holes

If you have nail holes in the wall, a quick fix to repair and cover the hole is the use of a crayon. Choose a crayon colour that is closest to the colour of your wall, apply firm pressure with the crayon and rub it over the hole. The hole should disappear.

9. Using WD-40 to remove crayon marks

If you have a sheen paint finish on your wall, WD-40 will easily remove crayon markings from your wall. Make sure you have a sheen finish, otherwise using this trick could possibly make the problem worse.

10. Using toilet bowl cleaner for your floor grout

Apply the toilet bowl cleaner to the grout areas of your floor and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Scrub the grout with a small brush and follow by mopping the floors. Your floor grout will be amazingly clean.

11. Repair a tear in your screen material

If you have a tear in your patio screen, using clear nail polish will fix the problem. With a few drops of clear nail polish, you’re able to provide a seamless adhesive that will repair your porch and will not impede your view to the outside.

12. Remove limescale with vinegar

Rusty limescale accumulates on our showerheads over time. You can remove these mineral deposits and other grimy substances from your shower head by soaking it overnight in white distilled vinegar. Not only does it remove the limescale but it makes your shower head sparkle.

13. Prevent door scratches in your garage

Those pool noodles that your kids used at the pool are an excellent barrier to protect your car from dents and dings in the garage. By cutting the pool noodle in half and affixing it to the walls of your garage, you’re able to open your door without worry and avoid any dents and dings on your car.

14. Fix wobbly furniture with a penny

Using pocket change for a furniture fix is priceless. You can fix wobbly furniture by placing a penny underneath a table or bench that is slightly unstable. Add a few drops of hot glue to the coin and attach it to the problem area and the coin will level out the furniture piece.

15. Using touch up spray for your appliances

Using touch up appliance spray is a great way to protect your investment in your refrigerators and stoves. Scratches and chips will vanish with the use of epoxy touch up spray.


When you have issues that arise in your home, there’s no need to call an expensive professional. You can use easy tricks for home repair that will save you money.

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