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10 Creative Crafting Ideas

After working all week, you need a way to blow off some steam and have some fun. Sitting around watching TV all weekend is just not the way to do it. Since you’re not an action junkie, performing daredevil stunts is not the most appealing way to burn off steam. One great way to release and have fun on the weekends is to endeavour in a fun and joyful crafting project. There is a number of ways to craft on the weekend that are fun, creative and relaxing.

1. The pounded flower project

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to start planning some creative and fun craft ideas to show Mom just how special she is. A simple bouquet of flowers would be great, but presenting a painting made with pounded flowers is a unique way to show her your love. Gently pounding fresh flowers on construction paper creates a unique one-of-a-kind painting for the perfect gift.

2. A floral and feather wreath

Arranging spring coloured flowers and ostrich feathers around a grapevine wreath is a wonderful and creative crafting idea. With a hot glue gun, you can arrange beautiful flower buds around the perimeter of the grapevine wreath and incorporate colourful pops of ostrich feathers to create beautiful and interesting door wrath.

3. Marble Easter eggs

With Easter fastly approaching, now is the time to dream up some unique and fabulous ideas for the upcoming Easter egg hunt. Using a cup of water and a few drops of nail polish, you can create Marble Easter eggs that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The old nail polish that’s been collecting dust all winter long now has a purpose.

4. A eucalyptus wreath

There’s no better way to welcome spring than with eucalyptus. Because eucalyptus is so viney, it can be hard to arrange in a circular shape. This is why we used a hack. Take a regular plastic laundry basket cut it at the very bottom about 4 to 5 blocks up from the base. Arrange the eucalyptus vines around the perimeter of the cut basket then gather them up and tie with floral wire. After you’ve done this, remove it from the basket add more eucalyptus leaves and you have a beautiful wreath ready to adorn your front door.

5. A flower arch

You can work wonders with chicken wire, wire cutters and silk flowers. Admittedly, this crafting project does require some carpentry skills. If you have the patience and the skills, this project will be well worth it. By assembling a four-legged canopy and draping it with sheer fabric, you can adorn this flower arch with chicken wire and insert dogwood branches, white peonies and other viney florals to create a dramatic and elegant flower arch.

6. A lattice plant hanger

With this craft project, you can create your own latticework or you can buy lattice board and create a trim of wood around the perimeter of the lattice. To keep it simple, we’ll use the lattice that has already been purchased and trim it with wood. After you’ve assembled the lattice and wood trim, you can paint the plant hanger any colour you choose. This is an excellent way to display any potted plants or to create a wall of freshly grown herbs.

7. Mason jar sconce

This simple project is cute and elegant and infuses rustic charm into your space. You’re able to take simple mason jars and use floral wire to create handles on both sides. Attach a rope, raffia or any other hanging element to the handles of the mason jar. Fill the mason jar with string light and you’re able to hang this beautifully lit jar directly on the walls or hang it on a hook that is attached to a piece of reclaimed wood to create a beautiful wall plaque.

8. A hanging bird feeder

By combining bird seeds and honey, you can create a delicious and tasty treat for Mother Nature. After you’ve combined the honey and birdseed mix, allow it to sit and mould it into cute adorable shapes. After it has set, thread a needle with a thick yarn and string it through the bird seeds. Hang it on the tree and watch the birds flying in.

9. A fairy garden

Using a large bowl, fill it with potting soil. After that, the rest is totally up to you. You can make a fairy garden that’s fit for a child or you can combine more refined items to make a fairy garden to sit just beyond the window of your breakfast nook. By combining beautifully coloured moss with colourful potted plants and succulents, you can create a beautiful fairy garden for your personal enjoyment.

10. Hand sanitizers

In light of the recent events, it is a great idea to whip up a batch of hand sanitizer. You can make this a fun craft project by customizing the scent of the sanitizer. Combine aloe vera, witch hazel and essential oils. Pour them in a spray bottle and you’re ready to go.


Crafting projects can be fun and exciting. It is a more creative way to spend your weekend then watching TV. With a little imagination and a glue gun, you can create wonderful crafting projects for your enjoyment.

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