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7 Tips to Keep Your Garden Healthy in Summer

When the mercury rises in the summer, you’re not the only one who could suffer. Your garden can also suffer greatly from this heat. This is even worse when it stays dry for a long time. You’ll have to start spraying yourself. However, it is often not recommended to use a lot of water during periods of drought. It is therefore important to provide your garden with everything it needs as efficiently as possible during these hot, dry days. We give you 7 tips for this!

1. When to spray

If it is necessary to water your plants, it is best to do this in the evening or early morning. Around this time the water evaporates less quickly and the plants absorb the water best. There is also less chance that your plants will burn because there is no burning sun in the sky at that time.

2. How to water your plants

It is best to water your plants directly on the soil. By not watering the plants, you save water and make sure it gets to the right place. Drip systems can be very useful for continuous watering throughout the day.

3. How much water

It is best to water your plants a few times a week, instead of a little bit every day. By giving them more water in one go, the water also reaches the deeper roots and the chances of survival are higher.

4. Watering grass

It is very difficult to keep your lawn green during dry periods. It quickly turns yellow and dry during these periods because it goes into some sort of survival mode. However, the grass is still alive! Under the ground, it waits for better times. When more rain falls, new green blades form again. Therefore, you don’t have to water your lawn every day. This way, you save some water again!

5. Supplementary nutrition

In addition to water, it is important to provide your plants with liquid nutrition. Nutrients in the soil are rinsed away by the water. Your plants will be very happy with this additional nutrition and will reward you with beautiful flowers or fruits!

6. Potted plants

It is best to put your pot plants together in the shade. This way they have the best chance of survival during the hot summer days. You can also cover the potting soil with some tree bark or gravel so that the water in the pot does not evaporate as quickly.

7. Pruning

It is better not to prune your plants during warm periods, even when it is time to do so. Pruning will make the lower leaves of your plant more vulnerable and will burn faster. Because of this, your pruning has been in vain. So leave the pruning for a while!

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